Transportation and Trade Corridor Alliance completes strategic Roadmap

July 1, 2014
ADOT Press Release

The completed Transportation and Trade Corridor Alliance Roadmap is a comprehensive document designed to support moving Arizona toward a more globally competitive second century, focused on high-value trade and investment, market connectivity, and alignment of policy and actions. The Roadmap was constructed by a group of experts from the public and private sectors, brought together by Governor Jan Brewer to develop a plan to position Arizona in a fast-growing global marketplace.

After more than a year of work, the TTCA Roadmap makes a clear case for the need to continue to add modern and efficient transportation infrastructure to ensure Arizona’s connectivity to both domestic and global markets. This infrastructure connectivity provides the means to attract new businesses and industries, create jobs, foster trade and economic development, and secure investment and new wealth.

The Transportation and Trade Corridor Alliance was created in 2012 at the direction of Governor Brewer. Arizona Department of Transportation Director John S. Halikowski co-chairs the TTCA Steering Committee with former Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe. Serving as vice chairs are Margie Emmermann, executive director of the Arizona-Mexico Commission and the governor’s policy advisor for Mexico and Latin America, and Sandra Watson, president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. Other leaders from the transportation and business communities head up the five TTCA subcommittees: Freight; Trade and Economic Development; Education and Communication; Logistics and Supply Chain Development; and Mexico and Ports of Entry. TTCA leaders recognize that these key partnerships must reach out across the public and private sectors to accomplish the objectives set out in the Roadmap.

Arizona’s opportunities are in tradable goods and services to both domestic and foreign markets. The Roadmap outlines how connectivity to these markets will help ensure Arizona’s success in the global marketplace and will facilitate an export-based economy for our state. Arizona sits in the middle of an economically powerful mega-region with accessibility to three dynamic world-class markets: southern California, central Texas and northern Mexico. It is this advantageous location for Arizona that provides the opportunity for stronger north-south and east-west connections to major markets through existing and future transportation infrastructure.

The TTCA Roadmap supports a plan to invest $20 billion over 20 years to improve Arizona’s existing transportation infrastructure while adding new infrastructure, focusing on Key Commerce Corridors.  AZAGC's brief on the plan can be found by clicking this link.  TTCA leaders maintain it’s this investment in infrastructure that will create the opportunity for robust connectivity. Leaders recognize that investment and connectivity is critical in order to reach a major goal set out in the Roadmap — double Arizona’s trade with Mexico and other global markets by 2025, while solidifying Arizona’s accessibility and global competitiveness.

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